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Saturday, July 30, 2005

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I'm back..........

QUESTION - How do I list blogs in the side-bar without having to put the http:// or www all the time. I have seen blogs, that just have "the name listed". Anyone know ? Please email me, as I want to get this under way asap !!! Thanks.

Kia Ora Everyone,
Time is 6.40pm - myself and all those friends that have been helping around the blogs, gathered together at Granny Smiths for a meeting at 5.30pm to discuss a number of issues regarding not only our own KAMA Blog Family, which currently stands at - ?? - but also other blogs. Usually, when we gather, it ends up in "a war of the wor( l )ds", but this time, everyone held their tongue and no smart comments were made.

Some people were getting lost in the "maze" of the Blog World out there and couldn't find their way out again - lucky them !!! The question I asked everyone present was - "Do we start another blog where we tell people what each of our blogs is for, as well as list the "GREAT" blogs that we found, which we know are worth a visit ?"
The answer was "YES" !!! So this 21 21 21 Kama Blog Family blog has come into been. In our country and in some other countries overseas, there is a tradition that when a person reaches the age of 21, they are given what is called "the key to the door". In our case, it is the "key to our blogs", which we are going to share with you all. But it will be not only for all the KAMA blog family - it will also be for other blogs that we have read & enjoyed and which hopefully you will enjoy reading as well. If you enjoy reading the blogs, leave a comment, so we know and the person whose blog it is, knows that they are heading in the right direction.

We search the blog world quite often, so if you have any suggestions on blogs that we can add to the list on 21 21 21, email me.

If you have done a search of the blogs, looking for blogs to read, you will know what I mean, when I say that some of the blogs are very hard to understand, while others ??? You end up just clicking on to the next one.

In the side bar of our blogs, we will be listing blogs that we have enjoyed paying a visit to and which we know you will enjoy reading as well. These blogs will be numbered from # 999 - the same way, that we have numbered the blogs on our first ever blog that we started - "Kelvin A Memory Always". Over the next few days, we will list "GREAT" blogs on our side-bar. There are no drinks on offer - well not yet anyway, but there is "Beer" & "Wine" coming up shortly. We do things differently around our KAMA blogs - we are back to front, so to speak. We could of just listed the name of the blog, but saw no sense in that.We will list the blog address, as well the blog name/s on 21 21 21. To you, whats in a name ? If we put say "Kama Blog" !!! It doesn't tell you anything, so we will give the blog a number, so when you go to 21 21 21, you will find a description of what you can expect to find within the blog - makes sense ??? I hope it does.

So simply put - within 21 21 21, you will find a "key to the blog door", which tells you what you can expect to see, within that blog. Where a person has more than one blog, we have "bunched" the blogs together, as you will see. Then that way, if the person/s start another blog, we can add their new blog to their list and they still retain that same number all the way through..

This is all trial & error - hopefully a lot of people will try it, without many errors. As in "REAL LIFE" - you have to try things at least once. If you don't, you will always wonder, what if ??? I aren't talking about anything illegal here either - just normal everyday things. If it doesn't work, the worst thing that could happen is that you fall flat on your face. You will then find out who your true friends are. People will either walk around you, or step over you - they don't want to know you. A "True Friend" on the on the hand will come along, help you up, dust you off and tell you to get your "arse into gear" and try someething else.(Granny Smith is busy) If I came along and you had fallen flat on your face, I would "shake you" - tell you to get up & stop having a sleep. Still want to be friends ??? Hey, you would no doubt have so many friends rushing to help you, that I would not be able to get anywhere near you. Knowing me, I would be walking one step behind, so if you fell backwards, I'd be there to catch you. Once I knew you were okay, I would walk in front of you, but far enough ahead, so you couldn't kick me in the bum. Every now & again, I would glance back, to see if you are okay - Friends ???

What are friends for - if not to help each other. It doesn't matter, if we live next door to each other or if we are thousands of miles apart, because when it come down to it, we are only as far away as each others computer !!!

If you have got any questions, ask - I may not have the answer, but I'll find out !
If you have got any suggestions - feel free to contact me.
Email - kjmkama@yahoo.com or kjmkama@hotmail.com

For those of you in New Zealand (aren't you lucky) I have both Telecom 0274 219300 & Vodafone 021 2020803 for text messages.

When-ever I am on line, you will know - I currently have MSN Messenger & Yahoo Messenger, so include me in your address/phone list.

I'll be back..............

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