Haere Mai,Welcome,To all family & friends in NZ & around the world and anyone reading my blog ! This is my first ever blog, which I started on Black Friday, 13th May 2005. My thoughts & prayers are with you all. Take care & God Bless. Arohanui ! Kakite !

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Sunday, August 21, 2005

KAMA BLOG # 880 - # 889

I'm back................
O:-) Censor On Board - Granny Smith

Kia Ora Everyone,
I am back with another "post" of 10. Its a real "mixture" this week - a bit of this, a bit of that. All taken with a "pinch of salt" !!! If you don't like it - ??? We are introducing "one" website of a tourist attraction around NZ to start with to every "post" of 10. If there is a demand, we may increase the number. You're lucky - we have done two this time, as both are based on the "Sky Tower". In the next post of 10 - # 870 - # 879, you will strike it lucky again, as we will mention the "Auckland Harbour Bridge" which is the base for both a "Bridge Walk", under the bridge, as well as a "Bungy Jump" off the bridge. We had better get off the edge and carry on with the "posts" !!! Take care everyone.

Krazy Kelvin

# 880 Blog Ratings !!!

Does anyone out there in the "Blog World" know how search engines, like www.yahoo.com rate blogs ??? I have been blogging just over 3 months now (Black Friday, 13th may, 2005 I started my first ever blog) and its krazy - it really is !!! When Yahoo first listed this blog on their search engine, 5 weeks after I had started it - it was # 1 out of 109000. I was really wrapped. If you keyed "Kelvin a Memory Always" into the Yahoo search engine today, it is still sitting there at # 1, while other Kama Blogs have spots 2/3/4/5/7/8/9& 10 out of the top 10 of 275000. But, it gets krazier............ VI VI VI through the Yahoo search engine is # 5 out of 333 million - half the devils number !!! Will it reach # 1 out of 666 million by the 6th day of the 6th month of the 6th year ??? Krazy ? Who knows !!! All we can do is wait & see. You can help "push" it up there if you want, as VI VI VI is your "blog". Check it out. Post your thoughts on what you think of the date 6/6/6 !!! Is it the Devils number ???

# 881 Times Change / People Change

The years mellow us all - some more than others. I received an email from a brother of an old school friend. I had asked him if any of his old(er) class mates had been in touch with him, since he had listed his details on one of those sites where you search for friends. His reply - "NO !!!" None of his old class mates had been in touch, because he was never liked at school. He left school with no friends. The point of the story is, some of us were complete a***holes at school, (I think some of us still are !!!) so its any wonder we were not liked and left school with no friends. But as I said, "times change, people change". If you belong to one of those sites, where you search for friends, get back in contact with your old class mates if they are listed, especially, if you have a school reunion coming up. You will be surprised, believe me. I left high school with no friends, simply because I was there one day & gone the next. I didn't tell any friends or family of my intentions, when I ran away to Auckland - I would of still been 14. Looking at the response I am getting now from old(er) friends, I would say that some of you have really mellowed. How much did you have to drink, before you replied to my emails - I would say quite a lot. (hehe)

# 882 Sites where You Search for Friends

I used to belong to one of those sites, where you search for friends, but had to "give up" as I was getting to busy with my blog/s. One day, I may venture back to the site I used, who knows ? Don't forget though, that if you belong to one of those sites, when you search for old classmates, spare a thought for those that are "new". Don't just search for your old classmates though, look at other classes. Especially, if they are of a similar age as they may of moved within your friends as well. Also, send out the welcome wagon to anyone "new" !!! Make them feel at home and that someone is reading their request for old class mates.

# 883 Computers & I !!!

This one I may of told you about before, but it would of got lost in the bog - sorry blog, so I am repeating it here for those that have just come on board our krazy krazy blogs and therefore may of missed it the first time round. I like to think though that you are checking the archives. If you are an old(er) friend, I may of mentioned your name - who knows ??? Computers & I are like "oil on water" - we don't mix. I am still learning about computers, as I don't think I have progressed very far from minus one. I have never been interested in computers before. It wasn't until April lst, my interest was "sparked". I joined one of those search sites, where you look for old friends. I had to get a friend to show me a few things, plus help me to get an email address. On May 13th 2005, I started my first blog - this one !!! Now if you look at my profile you will see the number of blogs, I have now. The moral of this story is, that if you have a "blog' don't stop at one, start another one. get your friends interested. Don't forget to send me your blog address, so I can visit you.
If you have come in via the back door, through a search engine and you are wondering where to start your own blog, you can't go passed www.blogger.com Its as easy as falling off a log. Heck, if I can do it, anyone can. If you are "visiting blogs" any blog, leave a comment. It means a lot, to know someone is actually reading the blogs out there in the blog world. because if you start your own blog, you will want people to visit you and leave a comment - won't you ???

# 884 Memories Are Made Of This ???

Made of what ? Who knows, where your memories are made of, unless you share them, with your family & your friends. I have shared some of my memories with you, so where are your memories ??? You don't have to walk down "Memory Boulevard" alone. I was going to say, memory lane, but that isn't wide enough for all our memories. I don't think even a 8 lane highway is wide enough. I am sure you have as many memories as I have got, if not more.

If you haven't looked in the mirror lately, need I remind you that we are all getting old(er) by the hour and krazier by the minute. Isn't that how it goes ??? My excuse for been krazy, is been hit in the head by a swing-boat (a large swing in the shape of a boat that could hold about 6 kids, depending of course, how big they were) when I was a kid, on a school trip to Redwood Park. Whats your excuse ? If you are an old(er) friend you can't use the excuse of me coming back into your life as the reason - I just made you krazier, thats all. (hehe) If you are a new friend, well ??? You can't stay "21 forever", so share those memories on your blog with your family & friends. I hate to tell you this, but when you go, your memory goes with you !!! So share, now !

# 885 www.4vertigo.com

Check out the website, of what is the "greatest" view in NZ today !!! You climb inside the Sky Tower mast, to the Crows Nest, where you stand on the highest platform in the Southern hemisphere, one tousand feet up in the air. It leaves you feeling like you can see...........forever !!!

#886 www.skyjump.co.nz

If you don't like going up, how about going down !!! You can take a plunge from the Sky Tower, on the world's highest tower based jump, which will have your adrenaline pumping as you plummet to earth for approximalety 16 seconds at about 75km. just make sure you wear clean undies (hehe)

# 887 Living - Spicy Cider Vinegar

Place the following ingredients in a one quart jar - 4 cups cider vinegar; 1/4c chopped onion; 1/2 teaspoon minced garlic; 1/2 tsp crushed red pepper; 1/2 tsp coarsely ground pepper. Cover & shake vigorously. Set aside for 2 weeks, shaking occassionally. Strain out seasonings and pour vinegar into bottles, with tight fitting caps. Use in salad dressings and as a mrinade for meat or fish.

# 888 In Awe Of The Humble Potato

Take the humble potato - the most modest, homely and oneof the cheapest vegetables to land in a shopping basket. If the potato were expensive, hard to grow and was only available one month per year , we would give the divine tuber its proper place in the culinary world. Since nature has made it prolific and adaptable, it is not considered an haute cuisine ingredient. It is the modesty which makes the potato an ideal vehicle for the skills of the home cook. For sheer gourmandise, theres nothing to beat a bowl of mashed potato whisked to a cream, with butter & milk, or a potato baked in its skin. Or plain boiled potatos, scrubbed but not peeled, lightly broken up with a fork and bathed in a rarebit, made with grated cheddar, melted with a little beer and a dollop of english mustard.

#889 When We Head North

The days in between Xmas Day & New Years I'll be heading north from Aucjkland, up the west coast and returning down via the east coast. I know that there is a large vegetable market garden, between the turn-off from State Highway 1 heading towards the township of Dargaville, but do you think I can remember the name of it. I am blowed if I can. It has a lot of the old-time vegetable seeds & plants, etc available for sale. Anyone know the name of it ??? We will watch out for it anyway and call in to have a look.

I'll be back................

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