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Saturday, April 08, 2006

# 610.

Sometimes when a fire burns
people sit around and take turns
to tell tales that aren't really true
but I don't think anyone gives a razoo.

One of the best places tales are told
is on the beach but it can be cold
so we walk up and down the beach
collecting driftwood thats within reach.

For tonight when the sun goes down,
we will build a campfire to sit around.
We will also boil the billy to make tea
to go with our buttered bread & pipis !!!

Footnote: A krazy maori poet in the making ??? Wait for my one about hangi's but don't hold your breath. On second thoughts - if you don't like me, hold your breath !!! (hehe)

# 611. Down Memory Lane

Parties, etc etc were always a time of merriment !!! There may have been a few 1/2g's of brown ale; a 1/2g or two of blackberry nip; a 1/2g or two of sherry for the ladies and a bottle of ginger wine, a few guitars, "spoons" and a mouth organ, but no drugs within a million miles of the place !!! We didn't need drugs - well the old(er) people didn't need drugs and as I grew older and partied with friends, we didn't need or use drugs either - we made our own fun. The most popular song at any party had to be.........Ten Guitars !!! Anyway who remembers or still sings that at parties will know that Engelbert Humperdinck, is in NZ in May for concerts in Christchurch, Wellington & Auckland !!!

# 612. Hold On To Those Memories Or Share Them ???

To anyone out there who hankers back to the old days, I hope that you still hold dear your memories and share those memories with friends & family. Because given "time" when you go, those memories are going to die with you, unless you share them, so they can live on. Life was slow(er) not many moons ago and people / friends really cared about and looked after each other. But now-a-days it's as if the world has speeded up............ stop the world, I want to get off !!!

# 613. Poetry In Motion Tours !!!

PIM Tours ? It sounds like something that only a krazy person could dream up and it is, with a little little bit of help from that "little man in my head" !!! (hehe) It's one way to take you up & down; backwards & forwards; around the mullberry bush so to speak - in a joy-ride around our "beautiful" country without you having to leave home.
The reasoning is, life is there to enjoy, to have a bit of fun and to laugh a little. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I certainly aren't making it any stronger. I'll put more sugar in it, sweeten it up a little, so you keep coming back but there will be no alcohol within a million miles.

# 614. Nothing Stronger !!!

There are enough "porn" sites out there to sink a ship or two !!! Porn sites - where ??? I aren't telling you - my lips are sealed, but they are there. During my search for blogs to read, which I list on - 21 21 21 Great Blogs To Read - I have come across (accidently of course) sites to make your hair curl. You have curly hair already ? Well they would make your hair curlerrrr !!!
Anyway you wouldn't want to see a picture of me sitting naked in front of a computer. It would put you off computers for life !!! Someone that you cannot see,
he could look like this !!! (Thurs.April 6th) You have been warned !!! No - not the cat, look down futher. Also bewary of what T-shirt you wear in public & old(er) ladies at bus stops !!!

Footnote: Futher down this bog, ooopp's - blog - is a test as to what you are going to come back as, when you die. It's one of those fun things !!! I took the test and guess what I am coming back as ??? I eat bananas !!! True !!! I left 3 comments on the post for this test.

I have also put a link on my blog Open To Debate 24/7

# 615. So Much For Modern Technology

Modern technology is providing a route to maddness for motorists and driving people to distraction in a tiny Yorkeshire Dales hamlet called "Crackpot" !!! GPS / satellite navigation is directing motorists on to a steep unclassified road, impassable to normal vehicles and with a 30 metre drop on one side. Many ignore a "no-through road" sign, a shut gate (maybe they will have to padlock it !!!) and the gravel farm-track because their GPS system shows them that it is the quickest route to get them where they are going and modern technology "cannot be wrong". Previously used only by local people out for a stroll; game keepers & mountain bikers, it dates back to Roman times and was historially used by horse & cart. Motorists are getting stuck on the "s" bend and have to be rescued by a farmer with a tractor before reversing back down the steep track.

# 616. Return Of The Rings - Actor !!!

John Rhys Davies, an actor in The Lord Of The Rings" ( don't ask me what part he played - I ain't a movie goer !!!) is back in New Zealand to film horror flick - "The Ferryman". Filming has started in Auckland & Waiheke Island. Davies will be joined by NZ actress, Kerry Fox; Craig Hall; Julian Arahanga and Lawrence Makoare. The film is described as a story of 20-somethings who charter a boat into the South Pacific for the trip of a lifetime, before stumbling on an "evil" that demands vengeance at any price !!!

# 617. My Heart Bleeds For Them - Not !!!

It seems that they are lasting longer than they should, as the old rock(ers) royalities are about to stop rolling and stop gathering the green stuff - dollars, not moss !!! With and Europe's copyright protection for sound recordings only extending to a period of 50 years, those original rock & rollers are waking up to the unpleasant fact that their royalty payments are about to stop - rolling !!!
The problem is that when "records" were made no one thought that they would last longer than a chart rundown, let alone still be gaining airplay into the next century. Who would of imagined in 1956 that there would still be an audience for the hits of the day and that in many cases it would be the same audience , watching the same stars on a never-ending nostalgia circuit. A campaign has been started to extend the copyrightterm to 95 years. I had better start singing for my "supper" !!!

# 618. Small Change !!!

As of July 31st we will have
new "smaller" coins to get lost easier through the cracks of outdoor decking (see # 619); down the back of lounge chairs; carseats and those 101 places, we always seem to lose "coins" !!! Why they didn't wait till the 10th of July 2007 to roll out the new coins is beyond me - it would of made it 40 years since the decimal currency was introduced to NZ'ers, when we change from the old pounds, shillings & pence. There was an old saying, look after the pence and the pounds will look after themselves !!! If you remember that you are old(er) than I am.
Anyway - The designs on the 10c 20c & 50c will remain the same, but they will be smaller & lighter. The 5c coin will be no longer !!! So if you purchase a single item for which the price ends in 5c, well it is going to cost you more, despite what you may have read or been told. I buy a magazine which is $4.95 - that will now be $5. In fact who is to say that all magzines won't rise in price and it won't be by just 5c either. You can't tell me, they are going to reduce their prices down - get off the grass !!!

So kiddies (big) are you listening carefully, now is the time to raid the kiddies (little) piggybanks !!! Tell them you have to empty their piggies and put the money into "your account" !!! Because as from November lst, "old coins" will no longer been legal tender. Now that's a good excuse if any !!!

# 619 We Are Going Back In Time

I don't care what you say, we are going back in time to have a look at - # 977. Pennies From Heaven !!! You can call me blonde - I don't care, I have got big shoulders, well little shoulders or else I wouldn't of been able to crawl around under that outdoor covered decking - anyway after all these years, (now I am really showing my age) the little man in my head in clearing out all the s*** in my head, has just put a new lightbulb in !!! I now know why we used to get wet crawling around under that decking. It wasn't only the loose change that the "drunk men" drinking were losing !!! True !!! We would crawl out from under the decking, the sun would be shining, not a cloud in the sky and our clothes (shorts & t.shirt / no jocks) would be soaked through. It could of only been "golden rain" and that certainly wasn't Heaven sent !!! (hehe - I can laugh now !!!)

Footnote: While you are in the dungeons (archives) having a look at #977, have a look at a few others as well...........

#965. I Tried To Cross Over / #972. Run Over By A Truck At 7 / #987. I Scratched My Skull / #980. NOPQRS / #961. I Gave Him A Hug But He Didn't Hug Me Back.

Number 999 was my first ever post on Black Friday 13th May 2005. I called it........ "Someone Is Knocking At My Door But Don't Worry I Won't Let Them In" !!! Looking back it gives me an eerie feeling !!!

What was your first post ???

Krazy Kelvin - Krazy To The Kore !!! Signing off for another week. I love you all - not !!! (hehe)

It's Not The Memories I Have It's The Memories I Leave Behind !!!

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