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Saturday, April 01, 2006

# 620 - # 629

# 620. iPod Update !!!

Apple Computer has introduced a software update for the iPod that lets children (teeenagers ???) set maximum volume limits on the popular player as concerns grow about the risks of loud noise. The software update is available as a free download for the iPod Nano & the fifth generation iPod. It gives users the ability to set volume caps on the iPod and lock it with a combination code. The upgrade is available at www.apple.com/ipod/download
Teenagers don't leave your iPod lying around !!!

# 621. No Need To Hide Away !!!

This is no April Fools joke - As of April lst, the Inland Revenue Dept has introduced a year long amnesty for people behind in paying off their student loans. They believe 44,000 defaulters living in NZ owe $76 million, while 11,000 living overseas owe $111 million. The amnesty would see them avoid financial penalties for defaulting on their loans. It is hoped that the amnesty will encourage people to make an effort to repay their loans.
Borrowers need to apply for amnesty and give an undertaking to keep up repayments for 2 years, from the acceptance of their application.

# 622. Interest Free Student Loans.

Again - this is no April Fools Day joke - All borrowers of student loans, living in NZ for 6 months or more whether studying or not will be entitled to an automatic write-off of all interest charged on their student loans, from April Fools Day. Borrowers can go overseas for up to 6 months without losing eligibility. Borrowers who go overseas with out exemption for more than six months , lose eligibility. Borrowers did not need to take any extra steps to ensure interest on their loans was written off. The Inland Revenue Dept. will automatically wipe any interest owing on 31st March, 2007 and at the end of each tax year thereafter. But.....any tax still owing as of March 31st 2006 still has to be paid. Students overseas still have to pay interest on their loans.

# 623. HTML

Don't ask me what it HTML stands for, because I don't have the foggest idea. All I know is that it's simple to use, even for a krazy person - not mentioning any names of course. So for you all out there, heres HTML the "KISS" way (Keep It Simple Stupid)

Lets say that I wanted you to have a look at my blogger profile. On the main page of your blog, there is (on the left or right hand side) the words - view my complete profile. Ckick on this and at the top left hand corner you will see a series of numbers which is your blogger profile number.
If you use your blogger profile number, just make sure that your blog/s names are listed there at the bottom.

Okay - here goes...............

a href=http://www blogger com/profile/9098295" "Have A Look At My Blogs" /a

Before the first a type the symbol <> after the last number.
Type the name of your blog or "Have A Look At My Blogs"
Then type the symbol <> after the a

What I have done here is completed everything I have mentioned above to be left with Have A Look At My Blogs

It's as easy as falling off a log !!!

# 624. Down Memory Lane !!!

Bobby Leach - you must of heard of him !!! I can see you scratching your head from here ? Bobby Leach / Niagara Falls / Barrel !!! Okay, I will spell it out for you - Bobby Leach went over the Niagara Falls in a barrel !!! In fact he was the first man to go over the falls on 25th July 1911. He was born in Cornwall, England in 1857 at a time when it was difficult for a person with few assets and contacts to get anywhere in life. One needed to do something to grab the publics attention. So he set out for Niagara Falls, where on the 25th July 1911 he gets in that barrel and goes over the falls. He ended up in a somewhat battered condition - breaking both kneecaps and his jaw. He may of been the first man to go over the falls, but he wasn't the first human - Annie Taylor, a fame-seeking (remind you of anyone ???) Michigan schoolteacher went over the falls on October 24th 1901, when she was (wait for it).............63 years old !!!

# 625 Don't Go Pass Go - Go Directly TO Jail !!!

Well, something along those lines, as NZ has joined a border security system with Australia and USA that will catch people using lost or stolen passports. The computer system allows security and immigration officials to check the passport databases of USA, NZ & Australia.
Screening passports when passengers checked in helped ensure that only people using authorised documents were entering NZ.
If we have been able to detect the attempted use of of lost or stolen Australian passports at our borders, what does that say for the checking & screening process at the Australian border before they leave ??? Immmmmmmmmmm

# 626. NZ's Largest College

Rangitoto College is the size of a small NZ town with its 3200 pupils. Staff includes 187 teachers, 100 support staff, six fulltime counsellors, two fulltime career development officers. There is also a min hospital with a fulkl time nurse, 2 tuckshops and a radio station. Class sizes are around 27 pupils, with a constant stream of activities to get involved in, including 45 different cultural activities and musical shows. Among the students are 52 different nationalities - a mini United Nations - including 200 fee-paying students.

# 627. Rosy Rosy Apple !!!

A new "red" fleshed apple has been unveiled by fruit science company Hortresearch.The fruits "red" flesh is caused by a concentration of anthocyanin, an antioxdant known to offer jhealth benefits. Hortresearch expects to offer growers the new trees in as little as 5 years.

# 628. Mini UFO's !!!

A spate of "flying saucers" (there was a few flying around the kitchen, the other day) sightings that alarmed residents of Orange County, California and attracted worldwide attention turned out to be nothing more than radio controlled models. The discs about 80cm in diameter and about 3cm thick, weigh about half a kilo, which can reach speeds of up to 60km are powered by a tiny electric motor. Flashing lights are fitted around the edge of the disc.

# 629. A Blast From The Past.

Beating The Game - It is a strange fact that money gotten by fraud and crooked dealing seldom stays in the possession of those who make it. The other day a man who, on his own confession, stole a fortune a few years ago, was left high and dry with his ill-gotten gains scattered to the winds. Another who was not noted for taking morality and followed the policy "look out for number one", made this startling confession "I have touch dirt and by glum, it has stuck to me right through". "Wealth gotten by vanity shall be dismissed and he that by using an unjust gain increaseth his substance shall gather it for him that shall pity the poor".

Another of those blast from the past - over 70 years ago.

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